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Hello, and welcome to Information and Technology World, my site is created to help those who would like to get into the IT world.  The IT world is getting increasingly in need for IT professionals.  A lot of my notes that are going to be on the site comes from my notes and references of CompTIA.

CompTIA has been offering certification since 1993, when they debuted the course to people to come into the Industry.  I have my BSIT, and Certified in A+, Networking, and Security.  The joy that I have endured in learning and wanting to get higher in my skills is the best thing that I could do.

I am a US Army Vet, and I was taking courses when I was in the military, and it paid off, because I have my own business, working on computers and Networking.  Now I am doing security as well.  The IT world is a full filling job, you have to work hard for what you want. 

On this site, you will learn Hardware, Networking, and Security, I love doing this, and you will too.  I hope that you will like this site, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.  The site is still a work in progress but when I finish it will be a very good site. 

Why not get started today:

Why not get started today in the Information and Technology world, as there is a lot of good Jobs out there for talent like yours. If you get the study books, of the A+ Exam guide which is 220-901 & 220-902, if you go to you can pick this book up for about 34.00, in the hard cover from Michael Meyers.  This Book is awesome, and I have been in the IT world since 2000, and it is the most up to date book.   So it is your time to shine, and get into the best job field.

What will you learn, is from computer Hardware, Software, Networking and HTML and WordPress.  There are a lot more that you will learn, and when other IT pros come and join, they will share their experiences as well.


The term hardware refers to the physical equipment that makes up a computer or network, and it could consist of many varying interconnected devices. There are different categories of the devices used, which all work together to accept, process, and show data and information. The categories are as follows:

Central processing unit (CPU): This is the computer itself, which is often referred to as the CPU. It is the brain of the computer. All of the calculations and processing take place in the CPU. Some computers have more than one CPU and may even have specially dedicated CPUs for math or other specific tasks.

Input devices: These are devices that allow computers to receive data from users or other devices. Some common input devices are mice, trackballs, ­keyboards, touch screens, scanners, and voice-recognition tools such as microphones.

Output devices: These are devices that allow users or other devices to obtain information from the computer for use outside of the computer. Printers, projectors, and monitors are common output devices.

Storage devices: These are devices that store data and can include but are not limited to computer hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and flash drives.

Communication devices: These are devices that help communicate with other devices. They are things like telephones, modems, network interface cards, USB ports, and FireWire ports.

The term software refers to computer programs and the manuals (if any) that support them. The system software is an important component of an information system because its purpose is to make the computer usable by applying machine-readable instructions that direct the circuitry within the hardware parts of the ­system to function in ways to process useful information from data. Without software, an information system is practically useless. Software can generally be divided into two different categories.

The first is application software. Application software is usually designed for specific applications that an organization uses. The application software tells the hardware how to input, store, process, and output information. Word processors and spreadsheet software are considered examples of application software.

The second category of software is the computer’s system software, which is also referred to as the computer’s operating system. An operating system controls the basic operations of a computer. System software combines with the hardware to create the environment, or platform, on which application software can run.

This is just some of the things that you will learn on the site, and I hope that you enjoy my site, and learn to earn your IT certification.


Security is a very important part of the computer and the internet, hackers all over the world get into the stream of the internet and your computers.  So how do you protect your computer from hackers, malware and Trojan Viruses?

Well on the sense, you must have a good Anti-Virus, and make sure that your firewall is on that can help protect your computer.  Then you need to enable your firewall, which helps protect your computer from the public internet. 

The best thing to do is keep all your software up to date as this is a necessary requirement in computer security.  They have now LifeLock which helps monitor your SSN, Credit card and banking information, what would you do if someone tries to compromise your banking account?