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Today I want to talk about Certifications that you can get as far as A+, Network+ and Security+ the first one that I am going to talk about is the A+ Certification and the book that is above, you can get when you click on the book.  I the book you will learn a lot about the A+ Certification.  You will learn the path to A+ Certification, how to be professional, the tools that you will need to perform the required task.

There are a lot of things that you must know in the A+ Certification like.

  1. Hard Drives.
  2. Optical Devices.
  3. SSD’s – Solid State Drives.
  4. Motherboards.
  5. CPU- Central Processing Unit.
  6. RAM.
  7. Input devices like keyboards, mice, and touchscreen.
  8. Video Cards.
  9. Networking and modem cards.
  10. Cables and connections.
  11. Heat sinks, fans and liquid cooling systems.

There are many more things to learn, and on my site I will give you examples of what needs to be known for the certification test.  The best way too learn is to pick a quiet place in your home, with no distractions, and start reading and studying. The A+ certification book is an all in one book, that teaches you and gives you practice test, so you will be ready to master the test.

The three books that I studied, are written by Michael Meyers, he is one of the best in the IT business and he has a website called Total Seminars.  When you click his picture it will take you to his website, and you can learn and get vouchers for the A+, Network+ and Security+.

Mike Meyers

When you get the book’s you will get the All-in-One study guides, they have CD’s in the back of the book, with practice Exams, and it will take you too his website with practice Labs.

CLICK The Book

I’ll have more books that I will be putting through out the website, and all the books that I put out are the very best, as far as I have read and studied.  I hope that you will get a the knowledge , and the resource from the books.


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