Kaspersky Lab is our Next partner that we got with, with its best in Anti-Virus and Malware, with Internet Security with the best  of the best in security, and you can count on Kaspersky to provide the best in Anti-Virus, and you can go to my Facebook page and Twitter to look at the up to date on all security risk.

As a Registered Partner with Kaspersky Lab, I will have a lot of information that will be valuable too you, and also I will teach you about Malware and Crypto Ransomware.  Crypto Ransomware is very serious Malware, that can lock down your computer, and they will be demanding money for you to unlock your computer.

There are ethical hackers that are working to get a hold of the hackers that are doing this.  There are also pop up malware, this is when you go to a particular website, and there would be a pop up that can be already infected with a virus.  If you see on my site, that has the the McAfee Secure on the site?  That means that my site is secured and also I have security on my site, that helps stomp out the malware and other viruses.

If you have any questions you can email me at itman50@informationtechnologyworld.website 

They call me the Batman Of the Internet looking out for cyber criminals, this is one of the things that I do and I enjoy doing it.