Looks like the Hackers took down Thousands of Dark website Today, This was talked about by Alex Johnson of NBC-Tech Security.

Alex Stated “Someone claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous compromised Freedom Hosting 2, and claiming to harvest all of the sites files in the Data base, almost 80GB of Material”

What are Dark Websites?

 The Dark web is the World Wide Web that only exist, on dark nets. Overlay Networking which uses the public internet, but it requires Specific Software and Authorization to Access it.

Most traffic is classified and corporate information. Summary: The Deep Web, also called the Deep Net, Invisible Web, or Hidden Web, is the portion of content on the World Wide Web that is not indexed by standard search engines.

There is a company called Innovation Marketing Ukraine, that has been employing hundreds of young developers, and hiring resellers, to sell what they call scareware.  Which this is a scam, that made them over 200 Million dollars from Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware and utilities for the computers.

This is a fakeAV, which was the opportunity for Cyber Criminals, to sell this fake software.  Kaspersky Labs, has been on top of this with its researchers, to nail it down.  There are sites that have banners or popups for you to check your computer for malware, and what it does, when you scan your computer, it tells you that you have the malware.

When the consumer buys it, it either does nothing or hurts your computer, then the cyber criminals collects, and then your computer is infected by malware, Trojan viruses or adware.  This has been a problem for a long time, and this is why I am partnered with Intel Security, to help provide the best protection for companies or individuals.

With Kaspersky Labs, you have the total protection, that you need and the reliability, of a company that promotes Internet protection for everyone. There are Cyber Criminals everywhere, that sell the scareware to innocent people that want to have the protection.  Try to avoid this at all cost and do not get fooled by the banners that say scan your computer now you might be infected, or popups.  Popups usually come when you go onto a website.

The best of the best is Kaspersky Labs, If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at and I can help you with anything that you need.   You have to watch on how to use the internet, and there is reports of people in other countries that are sending emails that are supposed to come from the IRS, and when you download the attachment, it comes with a website with the EU website address and it is a malicious virus, I know that happened because I got the email.

So I am advising all people in the North America and Europe to watch out for these emails, they can effect your computer, The internet is getting to be a big play ground for the Cyber Criminals, that can hack your computer.